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Greenyear - making safety work for you
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Greenyear Ltd has a team of safety specialists experienced in all aspects of safety management. We provide expert support for all types of organisations to assist in managing their safety challenges providing peace of mind, quickly resolving problems and improving performance.

We believe that the safety professional's job is to enable things to be done, not to prevent things due to an unnecessary fear of risk. We challenge preconceived ideas about H"&S and we make safety work for you and not restrict you.

Our job is to support you, understand you, provide a high quality and cost effective service for you and to keep you well away from "health and safety gone mad".

Greenyear clients come from a wide range of working environments and use our team in a multitude of ways. Some clients want help as and when they need it in a "phone a friend" kind of way, some ask us to train their staff and ensure their standards are maintained, others to provide them with a complete management package in which we share their responsibility to provide an environment that is safe and free from litigation risk.

Two things our clients have in common is their legal health and safety obligations and a desire to be cost effective. Regardless of their working environment or safety philosophy none of the Greenyear clients want to cause harm, break the law or be prevented from achieving their objectives. With these vital values in place the support, advice and guidance Greenyear offers make safety excellence and peace of mind achievable goals for any organisation.

Our Specialist Areas

Health and Safety Consultants in Building and Construction Building and Construction
Construction projects more than any other require a high standard of safety and legislative compliance. Keep your team safe with the help of Greenyear.
Health and Safety for Agriculture Agriculture
Meet the requirements of your insurance policy and ensure the safety of your team by working with Greenyear.
Welder - Health and Safety for Factories Manufacturing and Engineering Workshops
The Greenyear team can build a partnership with you to help you achieve your safety goals, whether these are training, achieving zero accidents, cost savings or advice.
Horse - Health and Safety Sports and Recreation Sports and Recreation
Don't allow health and safety prevent you from having fun. You enjoy the sport and we'll make sure you have peace of mind.
Bedroom  - Health and Safety for Hotels, Guest Houses, Self Catering and Bed & Breakfast Hotels, Self Catering and Bed & Breakfast
With the increase in requirements the Greenyear team understand the need for a cost effective and simple solution.
Chef - Health and Safety in Catering Restaurants and Catering
Whilst you provide the best quality food and service allow us to ensure your hygiene and safety standards are as high as your customers expect.
Nurse - Safety in Care and Nursing Homes Care Homes and Medical
You could have expert health and safety consultants managing your CSCI audits, POVA Training, Risk assessment and much more.
Health and Safety for Retail and Offices Retail and Offices
Keep on top of simple safety by ensuring you cover all the emergency, fire, DSE, vulnerable persons and building safety requirements. Protect yourself from the no win no fee culture.
Health and Safety for Small and Start-up Businesses Small and Start up Businesses
When all you need is a little help and a point in the right direction, have a safety expert on hand to answer your questions.
Trucks - Health and Safety in Distribution and Transport Distribution and Transport
From warehousing to the transportation of goods Greenyear uses cutting edge solutions to ensure all your risks are managed.
Safety in Medium and Large Businesses Medium and Large Business
To help you maintain a high standard of safety, ensure a positive safety culture, reach zero accidents and comply with the law. The Greenyear team understands the needs of big business.
Health and Safety Consultants for MOD and Emergency Servicesfor Offices MOD and Emergency Services
In a world where risk is a necessary evil allow Greenyear to ensure your teams are safe enough to help others.
Some Key Services
A comprehensive range of fully accredited training courses
Specialists on call
Experts immediately on hand to resolve problems.
Continued Support
A range of membership packages - we can even become your Safety Department.
Compliance Assessment
Litmus Test of your organisation's safety compliance and practices
Safety Management Packages
A range low cost, comprehensive safety management packages that we can very quickly tailor to your organisation.
High Risk activities and sports
We have wide range of experience in this specialist and often misunderstood area.
Organisation Development
To develop your organisation's capabilities and culture and assist you on your journey to ZERO unacceptable incidents.
Risk Assessments
The production and review of Safe Working Practices, Method Statements and risk analyses.

Greenyear Health and Safety Consultants Greenyear Health and Safety Consultants