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About Us

The Greenyear team is a mixed group of senior managers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a diverse range of environments together with safety experts with world-class qualifications. It is those from a senior management background who truly understand the challenges facing leaders today in the battle against “safety gone mad” and the fine balance between keeping people safe, keeping cost down and achieving your aspirations.

Greenyear clients find that the advantage of the two groups working together is the different perspectives offered. Naturally those from a senior management background tend to set the goals and the safety experts create the best way to achieve them. No safety challenge goes without solution and often the team informally comes together with clients to pool ideas and perspectives.

We at Greenyear like to keep things simple and our aim is to provide an unrivalled service to our clients and members. We want our clients to improve and rest assure that whilst working with Greenyear no safety challenge is too big.

The Greenyear Philosophy

  • The safety of people on our clients’ premises is of the utmost importance.
  • The impact of accidents can be substantial and far reaching.
  • Safety does not mean stopping doing things that you want to do for fear of risk.
  • All accidents are avoidable and risks are optional.
  • A self-sustaining culture of continuous improvement that will not tolerate unacceptable unsafe behaviour is readily achievable.
  • The leadership, teamwork and discipline learned by an organisation becoming safe have substantial carry-over benefits into many other areas of organisational performance.

Shared values, simplicity, understanding, leadership and communication are key blocks for safety excellence. By working with Greenyear you will forge a valuable partnership and create a realistic vision for your organisation that will keep your organisation that will keep your people safe, empowered and motivated.


With offices in Leicestershire and Wiltshire we provide comprehensive cover to clients across the UK however we are unable to provide the 24-hour call out service to those located outside our core area.

Greenyear Health and Safety Consultants Map
24 hr call-out region

Our Wiltshire office covers Gloucestershire, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Newport, Exeter, Reading, Birmingham, Swindon, Oxford, Southampton, Portsmouth and London whilst our Leicestershire office covers Northampton, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, London, Coventry, Milton Keynes, Luton and Leicester.

We have experience working internationally and able to offer this service to clients when required.