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Hotels, Self catering and Bed & Breakfast

Health and Safety Consultants for Hotels, Self Catering and Bed & Breakfast
Health and Safety Consultants for Hotels, Self catering and Bed & Breakfast
The Facts

Hotels, large or small can be hazardous places and require a high safety standard to ensure the safety of both guests and employees.

The most common kinds of reported injuries to workers in this industry are a result of handling, slips and trips, and contact with hazardous chemicals.

The level of safety responsibility and number of hazards vary considerably between hotels and Bed and Breakfast accommodation. It is important to remember that a bed and Breakfast is somebody’s home and the business of welcoming guests is very much a secondary activity within the property. This is vital when establishing a safety plan and often unacceptable to expect a host to adopt safety improvements that would be suitable for a larger commercial hotel. Smaller accommodation providers must take a sensible approach to safety that works for them by increasing their risk control and logically protecting their guests.

Larger accommodation providers with more commercial premises have a greater responsibility. This is often due to the diverse use of the premises and the large numbers accommodated.

The large providers have a responsibility to ensure building and evacuation safety, including fire alarm systems and lighting, kitchen safety, risk management, staff training, car-parking, electrical maintenance, contractors and on going service maintenance such as cleaning.

Greenyear has a wealth of experience in supporting the hospitality sector with specific consultants and safety experts working solely with our clients from this sector.

With the pressure on the smaller accommodation provider such as the B&B to carry out fire risk assessment and other safety improvements we are passionate about providing cost effective support. If this is you and you need advice please give us a call and we’d be delighted to chat free of charge.

Health and Safety Consultants for Hotels, Self catering and Bed & Breakfast
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  • COSHH assessment
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