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Medium and Large Businesses

Health and Safety Consultants for Medium and Large Businesses
Health and Safety Consultants for Medium and Large Businesses
The Facts

Medium to large organisations benefit from greater available resources and more automated processes. However with more people to manage and a greater body of people taking risks accident rates, dependant upon the tasks can be high and often out of control.

As businesses evolve and grow it becomes increasingly more challenging to share beliefs and values from the top tier of directors, through middle management and down to the shop floor. Strategy and communication often get misinterpreted and lost en route. It is for this reason that a programme of cultural change and improved communication is required in order to achieve the leadership’s objectives.

The Health and Safety Key Issues
  • A lack of control and shared belief throughout the organisation
  • The failure of people to challenge unsafe behaviour and situations
  • A lack of risk assessment, including general, fire, machinery and task specific
  • Corporate manslaughter communication
  • Vital few injury prevention
  • Independent auditing and legislative/standard compliance in all areas
Health and Safety Consultants in Agriculture and Estate Management
Let Greenyear Help

Working with a third party such as Greenyear offers the medium to large size business the opportunity to achieve world-class safety excellence. Our internationally experienced senior consultants have driven safety improvement in large multi national organisations, lead cultural change programmes and designed top tier safety management systems.

  • Cultural change programme – journey to ZERO
  • Risk assessment support
  • Fire risk assessment on your premises
  • H&S training
  • Continual support through a membership programme
  • On hand telephone advice 24 hours a day
  • Representation with external bodies
  • Employee workshops
  • Campaign management
  • Control of Contractors