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Retail and Offices

Health and Safety Consultants in Retail and Offices
Health and Safety Consultants in Retail and Offices
The Facts

In 2005/06 the retail industry reported 13,000 work related accidents. Over 2000 of these accidents were classified as major injuries such as fractures.

In 2004/05, 54 major accidents took place per 100 000 people employed in the office sector compared to 192 per 100 000 in the manufacturing sector. Accidents do happen in shops and offices but the health and safety measures need to be matched to the levels of risk. Whatever the size of your business you ought to understand the basic legal framework.

You have duties to:

  • your employees (including trainees), wherever they are working;
  • visitors to your premises;
  • those affected by your work (neighbours or the public);
  • people who use products you supply;
  • users of your services, for example if you design equipment;
  • those who use your equipment or work at a workplace you provide (for example contractors and agency staff).

Put simply, you have to take care of the people who may be affected by what you do.

The Health and Safety Key Issues

Key issues for address are:
  • A lack of risk assessment, including general, fire, machinery and task specific
  • Comprehensive health and safety assessment of farms
  • The level of health and safety awareness in the industry, especially in the migrant workforce
  • An absence of basic procedures such as accident reporting
Main injuries and ill health effects are:
  • Slips and trips
  • Manual handling
  • Falls from heights
  • Fires
  • Being hit by moving or falling objects

Health and Safety Consultants in Care Homes, Nursing Homes and medical facilities
Let Greenyear Help
  • Risk assessment support
  • Fire risk assessment on your premises
  • Workplace inspection and assessment
  • Bespoke procedures
  • Slips and trips risk mapping tool
  • H&S & First Aid Training
  • 6 monthly audits
  • H&S Management outsource let us take the reins and get results
  • On hand telephone advice 24 hours a day