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Small and Start-up Businesses

Health and Safety Consultants for small and start-up businesses
Health and Safety Consultants for Small and Start-up Businesses
The Facts

Businesses that employ a small number of people cannot have experts in every field thus often resulting in a lack of health and safety awareness. This lack of awareness leads to concern and a lack of legal compliance. Through fear of the unknown they fail to realize the dangers of poor practice and the benefits of good practice. Health and safety legislation places many demands upon businesses regardless of size and create a difficult mountain to climb for businesses with little resource.

Implementing health and safety measures doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or complicated. In fact, safer and more efficient working practices can often save money and more importantly, they can save lives.

Working with a third party such as Greenyear offers the small business and start-up owner the opportunity to cost effectively ensure they cover all the bases, comply with legislation, keep abreast of changes and ensure independent and confidential health and safety improvement.

The Health and Safety Key Issues

In our experience the key issues include:-

  • A lack of H&S Policy statement for those employing five or more employees
  • A lack of risk assessment, including general, fire, machinery and task specific
  • The level of health and safety awareness
  • An absence of basic procedures such as accident reporting and first aid
Health and Safety Consultants in Agriculture and Estate Management
Let Greenyear Help
  • Risk assessment support
  • Fire risk assessment on your premises
  • Basic H&S workshops
  • H&S start-up procedure pack
  • Continual support through a cost effective membership programme
  • On hand telephone advice 24 hours a day