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Sports, Recreation and Adventure Activities

Health and Safety Consultants Sport, Recreation and Adventure Activities
Health and Safety Consultants Sport, Recreation and Adventure Activities
The Facts

This sector includes a wide range of active sports and pastimes including high-risk and adventure sports and activities. These can be conducted on an amateur or professional basis and may be controlled by commercial undertakings, school and youth groups, members clubs or other organisations. This multiplicity of environments significantly complicates what we find is often a very misunderstood area.

We feel the benefits of young people in particular participating in these forms of activities can be immense. Exposure to well managed risks helps children learn important life skills, including how to manage risks for themselves.

The Health and Safety Key Issues

Where there is no employment, there should be no intervention by an enforcing authority in the sporting or other activities of private clubs to limit an individuals right to take risks. However, whilst certain causes of injury may be unavoidable and, in particular cases acceptable, every effort should be made to ensure that all other risk causing factors that are not inherent within the sport are controlled.

Key issues for address include:

  • Failure to assess external factors effecting sport and activities
  • Failure to mutually agree the degree of risk that is acceptable
  • Lack of risk assessment
  • Failure to follow necessary and supportive safety procedures
  • Lack of incident and emergency planning-including first aid
Health and Safety Consultants Sport, Recreation and Adventure Activities
Let Greenyear Help

Many of the Greenyear team are well-established participants in a wide range of potentially high-risk sports. We frequently observe people’s enjoyment being unnecessarily curtailed or denied them due to fundamental misunderstanding of the regulatory and legal environment. On the other hand, we occasionally experience people being put at significant, unnecessary and unrecognised risk due to a lack of knowledge of some simple risk management techniques. As a result, we have developed a particular interest in this area.

People are often surprised when our involvement has the reverse effect to that which they feared. We aim to increase participation; enable boundaries to be extended; remove the need for intrusive safety processes and equipment and to increase the peace of mind of organisers by putting you in greater control of the nature of the risks being taken.