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Our Specialist Areas

Each Greenyear consultant and safety expert has been recruited not only for their safety expertise but their in-depth knowledge of a specific working environment. In order to ensure our clients receive the highest level of expert knowledge and industry experience they are assigned their very own expert who will be able to understand their business and build an effective partnership to drive improvement.

Many of our consultants have worked in managerial roles and look at safety improvement from a business perspective. Many have driven cultural change programmes and worked closely with organizations under prosecution. To ensure a balance our team of safety experts come from safety officer and safety advisor roles within a range of working environments. They are able to provide practical solutions to safety challenges and the expert resource often required by our clients. Working in tandem it is this valuable mix of expertise that enables the Greenyear team to offer a full and in-depth safety solution service.

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Builder - Health and Safety in Construction

Manufacturing, Engineering and Process plant.
Improvement Plans, Injury Elimination Campaigns, Cultural Change, Risk Assessment, Safe Systems of Work, Standard Operating Procedures, Behavioural Audits, Training and Meeting Structures. The expert Greenyear Health and Safety consultants can save you money by preventing injuries, absenteeism, claims and fines.
Health and Safety in Agriculture Agriculture and Estate Management
The Greenyear team is able to provide you with Safety inspections, risk assessments, machinery audits, insurance guarantees, H&S training, and lone working assessments. We have an expert who understands your business and can ensure safety works for you.
Health and Safety Consultants for Factories

Restaurants and Catering
Risk Assessments, Safe Systems of Work, Safety Audits and Action Plans. Our health and safety consultants can manage it for you. Food hygiene Inspections, Action Plans, Guidance on how to achieve a higher standard, Food Preparation Training and Risk Assessment, Safety Audits and Action Plans. Greenyear can provide you with a total package to enable you to control safety simply.
Chef - Health and Safety in Catering Retail and Offices
Fire Procedures, Risk Assessment, dealing with large numbers of the public, Electrical Safety, Building Safety and Accident/Incident Procedures. Greenyear's Health and safety Consultants have experience in supporting large and small entertainment venues and can help you ensure all the bases are covered.
Horse and Rider  - Health and Safety for Sports, Recreation and Adventure Sports

Sports and Recreation
Donít allow health and safety prevent you from having fun. You enjoy the sport and weíll make sure you have peace of mind. Whether itís professional sports such as rugby, gliding, horse riding, sailing, skate boarding, mountain biking or an organized adventure day for fun. With a deep knowledge of sport and adventure the Greenyear team understand how to maintain the fun and competition in sport whilst ensuring the safety aspects are appropriately covered.
Trucks - Health and Safety Consultants for Distribution and Transport Transport and Distribution
The Greenyear team has a wealth of expertise in this field. With cutting edge solutions to falls from lorries, dealing with contractors and the storage of goods we can ensure you lower your risk levels and keep your teams safe no matter where they are.
Health and Safety in Hotels, Guest Houses, Self Catering and Bed and Breakfast

Hotels, Self Catering and Bed & Breakfast
Whether you need help with Fire Risk Assessment, Accident/Incident Procedures, Dealing with paying guests, Pets, H&S Inspections, Improvement Plans, Food Hygiene, Electrical Safety or you want a simple B&B safety pack Greenyear can help.
Nursing - Health and Safety Consultants for Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Medical Care Homes & Medical Premises
Manual handling, Lifting and moving people, Emergency Procedures, COSHH, Risk Assessments, Fire Procedures and Assessment, Accident Reporting and Evacuation Procedures.
Construction  - Health and Safety for Building and Construction

Construction & Building
CDM Regulations, Toolbox Talks, Risk Assessment, Fire Precautions, Scaffolding Inspections, Site Safety Training, Machinery Assessments, Manual Handling Assessments. Whether you are on a building site or in a workshop Greenyear can help.
Health and Safety in Small and Start-up Businesses Small & Start-up Businesses
Make the right choices from the beginning regardless of size. If you need help with Risk Assessment, Fire Management, H&S Policy, COSHH, Safety Procedures or a pack to help you get started Greenyear can help.
Health and Safety Consultants for Medium and Large Businesses

Medium & Large Businesses
With a wealth of experience in medium to large businesses the Greenyear team can help you with a variety of challenges including Cultural Change, achieving Zero Accidents, Fire Risk Assessments, Risk Management, SSOW, Safety Improvement Plans, Meeting Structures, Safety Campaigns, Safety Speakers, Motivating Managers and the workforce and Safety Procedures.
Health and Safety Consulants for MOD, Armed Services and Emergency ServicesMOD and Emergency Services
The MOD and Emergency Services are among the largest employers in the country. The risks are varied and constantly changing which make safety awareness and effective procedures vital if unnecessary risk is to be controlled.