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Culture and Behaviour

Health and Safety Consultants Culture and Behaviour
Health and Safety Consultants Organisation Culture and Behaviour

Greenyear Culture and Behaviour is managed by a senior cultural expert with experience in the delivery of cultural change programmes in large multi-national organisations. The role of the team is to assist organisations in identifying their own set of values and objectives. We recommend the most effective and efficient method of achieving them and can support in their delivery. One of the Greenyear philosophies is not to impose standards but to help develop a bespoke approach for each client.

Cultural Change

Change is both difficult and personal, for organisations to change each person must think, feel or do something different. Most hostility towards organised change is a result of fear of the unknown. Individuals are predominantly concerned about the impact upon themselves and whether the actual change will turn out as promised.

Organisations of all sizes require an alignment of objectives between people in all layers and the removal of the “leadership gap” if change is going to be achieved.

The early stages of the change process must result in everyone being personally committed to participate in the change. Good communication of, and consultation on, the vision and the need for it is essential to achieve this buy-in. To be effective this process needs to persuade the individual that they want to support the change. If change cannot be shown to be in the employees self interest management may need to focus on demonstrating that it is imperative for the organisation.

Zero Tolerance

The term “Zero Tolerance” has taken on a life of its own. A popular buzzword yet most people are still unclear as to its meaning and how exactly it can be achieved. The term Zero Tolerance has been frequently used to describe the imposition of penalty rather than support for minor offenders. It implies top down imposition with direct links to punishment.

For us Zero Tolerance is something very different, in some ways the complete reverse. The objective is to create an organisation that does not tolerate unsafe behaviour or conditions, it is just as much about the shop floor making demands upon management as the reverse. It is the combined force of the entire population challenging waywardness in any individual, whatever their role or rank, and assisting them to correct their behaviour.

Rather than the threatening nature of the tabloid use of the term, people within organisations embracing true Zero Tolerance of unsafe situations feel secure and empowered.

Fundamentally this is a cultural issue, behaviour is determined by what has become accepted within the community rather than for any logical reason. Safety processes are highly valued in a Zero Tolerance culture, breaches of procedure are seen as crossing a cultural line even if the transgression is of little relevance to safety on that occasion.

The Greenyear team work with clients who wish to achieve a Zero tolerance culture, providing a bespoke working partnership that enables organisations of all complexities and size to achieve a strong and effective safety culture that does not accept unsafe behaviour.

The Journey to Zero

The journey to Zero is defined by each of our clients as something individual to their business needs and safety challenges. These could be the elimination of fatalities, minor injuries to the public or lost time incidents. The Greenyear team does not impose what is and isn’t acceptable but supports management in formulating an effective and realistic strategy, gaining management buy in and belief, creating a process of change management all to achieve the desired target.

Safety Motivational Speakers

A straight talking, interactive and inspirational safety motivational speaker can create a positive safety attitude and interaction between employees. Our selection of world renowned speakers win a fresh new level of previously unthinkable commitment from employees ensuring a safety focused working environment well on it’s way to eliminating accidents for good.

Behavioural Auditing

Having a workforce that shares the same safety philosophy is vital if your safety goals are to be achieved. Safety values and beliefs need to be supported and driven by managers into their teams. Perhaps you are unsure if this is taking place and if the message being shared from the top tier is reaching every member of your organization with the same strength and meaning intended. If this is the case then allow our team to carry out a comprehensive audit of your organization.