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Support Dealing With External Agencies

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Health and Safety Consultants Support Dealing With External Agencies

Managing external relationships can be time consuming, a drain on internal resource and require somebody with the professional language and familiarity of such situations to ensure a smooth and non-detrimental solution.

The Greenyear team consists of several consultants and legal professionals supporting clients in legal prosecutions, HSE related investigations, employee claims and the management of external relationships with bodies such as OFSTED, inspectors and contractors.

Our experts speak the language, deal with managing a wide range of external relationships on a daily basis and offer our clients a cost effective support that will ensure they make the right choices and give the right impression.

The Greenyear support team offers support in the following areas:

  • Relationship with Inspectors
  • Help with claims and prosecutions
  • Support with PACE interviews
  • OFSTED Inspectors
  • Control of Contractors
  • Fire Brigade
  • HSE
  • Local Government and Council

We also offer short informative workshops for managers facing any of the above situations to talk them through the most likely procedures and process format.