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Expert Resource

Health and Safety Consultants Expert Resources
Health and Safety Consultants Expert Resources

Annual Safety Improvement Plans

Safety improvement plan (SHIP’S) is a vital part of setting, monitoring and achieving goals. The Greenyear team resource team is able to assess where your business is, where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. The Greenyear SHIP’s are clear and simple to follow operating on a traffic light progress system.

Accident/Incident Investigations

In order to aid learning and prevent reoccurrence thorough accident/incident investigation is crucial. The Greenyear resource team is able to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. The investigation process is one of confidentiality and independence. It includes interviews, analysis (identification of causes) and technical expert resource alongside a board of enquiry and a report identifying learning.

RIDDOR Reporting

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation 1995 places a duty upon every employer to report certain accident, incident and dangerous occurrences. The Greenyear team offers a solution to this complex procedure and can assist you in identifying what you need to report and we can even do it for you.

Preparation of Method Statements

Winning contracts and getting business is often the easy part. When it comes to planning the job and demonstrating how you are going to ensure you work safely protecting all others possibly effected by your undertakings things can become much more complex. Don’t fear the Greenyear resource team is here to help. Explain the job to us and we’ll take you through the safety implications and, if you wish, create your statements for you. Get the Greenyear tick and your new client will know you take safety seriously.

Safe Systems of Work/Safe Working Procedures

A clear and true set of step by step instructions for a task are invaluable when controlling risk and ensuring a task is carried out in the correct way. The Greenyear safe working procedures are mainly pictorial to aid recognition and prevent language problems. The Greenyear team have worked with cutting edge solutions in this area including touch screen options.

Risk Assessment

With experienced risk managers Greenyear offers a practical and cost effective risk assessment resource service, including PUWER and COSHH assessments. Allow our experts to work with your employees to carry out your risk assessments in a thorough and clear way. Proper risk management is one of the key elements in preventing accidents and complying with the law. It is also a demanding drain on internal resource. Choose the best and most cost effective way and contact our team.

Competent Persons

Every employer is required under law to appoint a Competent Person(s) to assist them in meeting their legal health and safety obligations. This means an employer must appoint someone competent to provide sound advice on all matters of health and safety. The Greenyear team can assist you in several ways. We can provide you with a competent person on-site for an agreed amount of time per week, we can train one of your employees to be a competent person or you could become a Greenyear member and we can be your competent person.

Competent Persons

A CDM Coordinator is required by law for most construction projects, we can perform that role for you.

Many health risks can be managed more effectively during the design phase rather than later on during the construction phase. In using a Greenyear CDM Co-coordinator you will work with a professional who has a wealth of Construction and design experience. Our CDM Coordinators provide a comprehensive service that works in line with legislation.

Fire Risk Assessments

It is a legal requirement to carryout a fire risk assessment upon your premises and activities. With fire safety experts the Greenyear resource team can do this for you whether you are a small business or a large site.

Fire Inspection

Having an independent fire prevention inspection programme will provide you and governing bodies with the sound peace of mind that your premises are safe and managed effectively enough to prevent the out break of fire and evacuate people effectively should the need arise. The Greenyear team can provide you with a programme of fire inspections, progress reports and improvement plans.

Emergency Planning

Being able to efficiently and quickly evacuate large numbers of people from a danger zone into a place of safety requires planning and role setting. Allow the Greenyear team to assess your building emergency evacuation plans, provide you with suggestion and improvements, practice drill and peace of mind.

Safety Inspections and audits

Continual standard assessment ensures that your health and safety systems run as you think they are. The Greenyear team carryout the following assessments and inspections, which are individual parts of our Business Review package in our Organisational Review section:

  • Premises Health and Safety check
  • Systems and procedure check
  • DDA Building survey
  • Cultural maturity audit
  • Legal compliance audit and gap analysis
  • Paper to reality check – checking risk assessments and Safe working procedures
  • Bespoke audit and inspections to meet client’s needs are also available
  • Control of contractors
  • Behavioural audits

Standard setting and implementation

Establishing an internal company policy and safety standard can ensure compliance, continuity and the formalizing of an existing procedure. The Greenyear team can help you create policies, procedures and standard to help you achieve safety excellence.

Internal health and safety reporting

Involve your employees in the safety improvement process by providing them with a system to successfully report unsafe situations and behaviour. This is not a blame process. It is a system that works well in a culture that is committed to achieving safety excellence. It enables managers to rectify unacceptable situations and behaviour by taking control of danger and also gives employees an empowering role in ensuring their own safety.